Trotro signs

Ghanaians are quite religious and creative with words and a  look at the numerous messages emblazoned behind taxis and trotros  is proof of that.


It is also ironic how those statements can be weighty but most often forgotten when we have to get our hustle on or keep to the tenets of the Kpakpakpa movement.

These are a few signs that really got my attention for various reasons:

  1. EXTRA GOOD NEWS-This was the message on an old Opel Vectra taxi that  rear ended a woman’s Mercedes C180
  2. FEAR WOMAN– on a taxi parked around the Togo Embassy at night. For those who do know that red light district…well. His passenger was soliciting a  call girl who looked strikingly close to the gorgon Medusa from clash of the Titans.
  3. I SHALL RETURN– this I spotted on the most run down troski I’d ever seen at Tema Station, loading passengers and headed for Togo. I watched incredulously as it chugged out of the station with a sputter and disappear, leaving a cloud of exhaust fumes in its wake.
  4. GOOD MASTER– on a nice looking Nissan Almera taxi. The current owner had apparently stolen a lot of money from it’s previous owner (my uncle) when he was his driver. At least he was good enough and remembered his master was good.
  5. YOU ARE PLAYING WITH THE THING – on a trotro, whose driver bullied me off the road and let me drive on the shoulder for a couple of minutes.
  6. GOOD NAME IS BETTER THAN RICHES– on a taxi in front of Golden Tulip Hotel, Accra  as the poor taxi driver begged and forced a ten Ghana Cedi note on a policeman who wanted to process him for court
  7. EAT YOUR HOME CASE– on a trotro which had a passenger looking right into my car and eyeballing the thighs of my pretty passenger
  8. GETTABLE IS DOABLE– this I saw on  the back of a trotro on the way to write a difficult exam. The words were cryptic to me at the time, as were the questions on my exam
  9. REDEEMER BLESS – this I found on a waiting taxi in front of the EP church Adenta. Sooo number 9. 😛
  10. GARGANTUAN– this was at the back of a TICO that kept weaving in and out of traffic and loudly playing Celine Dion from the most messed up car stereo ever.
  11. 3Y3 AWURADE (The driver of this taxi yelled out at me “wo y3 kwasea”)