Someone asked me last week why I stopped writing. The truth is actually sad…Ghana is fucking hard!  For some of us we can only be creative when we are happy.

This past week has been a mixed bag!

I recently come across Jessica Opare-Saforo’s You Tube channel…and immediately subscribed to it. I always thought she was a fantastic presenter. Our very own Oprah in the making?

But what got my attention was the topic on one of her Vlogs – 32 great questions you want to ask every woman.

I further summed it up into 5 (or a little more) points:

  1. Does she fucking work and how hard? 
  2. Would her family and friends be a liability? Also, can she cook? Where and what does she eat (do you need to farm food for her to eat)?
  3. Is she correct? – Be it religious or whatever moral code…?
  4. Is she a freak or not in bed?
  5. What are her interests?

Some of the specific questions resonated with me. “What is your favourite movie?” I asked a girl once as we watched Shrek.

Her answer, two decades later, still haunts me- ”I don’t like movies like this, with toys. My favourite movie is Commando.” SMDH

This is my take on the Good, the Bad and the UGLY for the past week;


Of course, Ghana qualified for Qatar 2022 beating arguably our biggest rival on the continent, Nigeria, to book a place in the World cup…. forget about the jollof wars…. we already won that hands down! Both Presidents of Nigeria and Ghana needed that win, of course to distract the suffering citizens of these accursed nations from problems at home.


E-levy rates

Oh, yeah and E-Levy was passed! Our electronic transactions are never going to be the same. But yay, I’m elated though, because it means the Government has the magic wand to solve all our problems, right? Let the V8s and all the decadence that garnishes corruption flow!


As the month ended, I did a quick assessment of my weekly fuel consumption. Since I live on the outskirts of town, I spend a GHc100.00 a day commuting to and from work (food and entertainment must go). My take away? I need to sleep less and look for more side hustles. Maybe I should learn how to flap my wings for errands. If I could muster that I could add in trips for entertainment.

I remember mid-month confidently asking the fuel attendant to fill the tank and then having to scream “Stop!” when he got to GHc500.00. What was he thinking? The nerve! To make me overspend past a family of 5 would on groceries. 

But hey, this is Accra-Town; where we are all “managers” so I will still be here, whining about the beautiful presenters in the TV box (how much electricity does the TV use? Find out and lemme know; we may need to just sit under the mango tree for entertainment; but I digress). 

The dreaded *170# that we use to send momo will be a bored short code as we navigate around this evil-levy…I mean e-levy. And as far as Qatar goes the boys should stay with us and fix Ghana. That trip smells of expensive oil and expensive jokes (‘cos let’s face it we might not win and all of a sudden our jollof will be sour ☹).

I’m still asking around for flying lessons so if you know anyone willing to teach me, free lessons preferable, I dey.